Verdant Tile Co.
Studio Ceramics by Mary Philpott
Contemporary Art Tile Designed within a Historical Tradition

Ordering Verdant Tile:      Contact by Email
please email to request a telephone number

Production & Timing
This is a made-to-order and a custom tile artisan-studio.
Tile work is made for individual clients, as well as for galleries and tile showrooms.

If you are ordering with the Studio:
Decorative Tile : generally, tile orders are produced within 4-8 weeks.
Larger orders may take 12 weeks, up to 16 weeks.
If the tiles you desire are in stock, then possible to have immediate availability or ship within a week. Most orders
have to be made specifically for the client as the studio no longer keeps tiles in stock.

**Field tiles (plain tile) are no longer available due to volume of requested decorative work and sculptural work.
I can make suggestions of companies within the USA that offer beautiful field tile that works well with my decorative

Custom Work is no longer available. Please choose from our varied line of hand pressed Limited production tile.

Placing an ORDER:
To Purchase tiles please send an email to this address: mary (at) verdanttileco (dot) com
with the following information:     
Please read this carefully:

1. Tile Title, Size and price (all prices are in US funds)

Review the shipping policies listed below before placing an order please***.

3. Your Name and Shipping Information: address & zip/postal code and telephone number for customs purposes

4. preferred style of payment :  P
ayments in the studio may be by credit card, cash or Square. For shipped work, I will send you a
Square merchant invoice by email.

These tiles are hand-crafted works.
There are variations in size, thickness and edge quality due to the handmade nature of the work.

Shipping Policy
All shipping is by UPS (unless you are only able to accept Postal services and indicate to ship with postal services) The shipping
amount is quoted from UPS, for your package specifications and location, with a small charge added for packaging supplies used.

Shipping of orders is done once
every month.

UPS policies to take note of:
*** Please note that any orders over $200 are subject to a brokerage fee as designated by UPS. The tiles are duty free under NAFTA,
unless they are installed in a frame in which they become "art work" . Most of the time, customs does not charge any fee for this, it
goes through without much notice.

Any customs brokerage charges designated by the US customs are not covered in the shipping costs.
UPS does not offer any insurance for loss or damage on shipped items that are porcelain or ceramic/glass in nature.  Therefore the
orders are packaged very well, with as much protection as is necessary to ship across North America and to Europe.

All orders must be inspected within 48 hours of delivery, for damage or inconsistancies in the order, and contact me to discuss any
problems the shipping may have caused.

More Helpful Ordering Information  

If you would like to purchase tiles, please check first with our Galleries & Showrooms. If you are not in the locale of these galleries
(25 miles-), then please feel free to order from us directly.

We ship throughout North America, as well as to France and England, Italy to Australia.
Colour variation and the hand pressed "look" of the tile (in its edges and thickness) is an inherent part of the tile design and is
desired. The tiles are all hand crafted, and therefore, have variation in edge, size, shape and colour.

All tiles will craze (crackle) over time.  Each tile is unique. For any questions regarding this, please ask before ordering.

If you are ordering tiles to match pre-existing ones, please order samples first.

Samples & Colour:
Our samples are business card sized tiles with Verdant Tile impressed in it.
If you are ordering and unsure of the colour of the tiles or sizes, before placing a large order please ask for a sample tile. The sample
tile is the cost of the postage/delivery.

Our Catalogue is our website. We do not print a catalogue for the tile as it is ever changing with more offerings of new tile. All the
information for the tile is available here and you may email/telephone us with any questions that you might have.

Design and Installation
Custom orders are welcome. There are fees for design time, custom carving, mold making, custom glazes and special tile sizes.

For all orders:
Whomever does your design work, you are responsible for ordering the correct amount of tile. It is suggested that you have an
experienced tile installer visit your site to accurately measure your project and specify the quantities of each type of tile to be ordered;
figure out your grout lines and therefore the number of tiles needed.

Please note:
These tiles are hand-crafted works.
There are variations in size, thickness and edge quality due to the handmade nature of the work.


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